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Bhavishya Homes Private Limited is based at one of the fastest growing cities of India, Bhubaneswar. The city which serves as the capital of the state of Odisha, houses regional offices of almost al Government organisation and departments. There are various premier commercial establishments operating from the city. Almost all multinationals, industry leaders have their regional offices in this city, which acts as nodal point for their network across the state. It is also the educational hub of the entire state. The city is well connected by road, rail and air with all other major cities of the country.


All of these factors and more have provided tremendous impetus to trade, commerce, and growth of the city and in the last two decades various new residential and commercial localities have evolved. Hotels, hospitals, educational institutions and various other industry sectors have witnessed phenomenal growth.

The generic and overall growth of the city has resulted in higher population that has been increasing at a rapid pace due to immigrant population from other towns and cities of Odisha as well as rest of the country.

In this context, demand and need for commercial and residential space has increased manifolds and continues to be grow phenomenally.

We are a relatively new company, however at the helm of affairs are veterans of the industry and sector. The promoters of the company have rich experience in field of realty and are committed to do their best in the effort to meet and excced customer’s expectations and providing them with delightful experience at all times.

We believe in the mantra of ‘Doing things right time, the first time and every time’ .

Availability of all types of modern facilities and being the connecting line of eastern and western culture has attracted many to settle at Bhubaneswar. Growth of the city from the early nineties has been phenomenal with improvement in scope and standard of living of the people. Bhubaneswar will witness one of the highest rates of growth in the country in the very near future.